Posted on September 17th, 2012

Everyone seems to know that the federal government is bankrupting America. Since 2008, our national debt has soared over 50% from $10 to $16.5 trillion due to the economic downturn and the refusal of our government to cut spending. Instead, the President and Congress have decided to engage in self-destructive behavior by borrowing to fund over a third of the US budget each year.

This is a short-term gimmick that will only backfire. As the loans dry up over the next decade, we’ll be forced to raise taxes on a massive scale, or slash spending across the board, compromising defense and reducing crucial benefits for over 100 million Americans who rely on government programs.

Further evidence of our government's dysfunction can be found in the SEQUESTRATION process. Rather then take a stand on what budget items to trim, members of Congress kicked the can down the road till March 1st when they allowed indiscriminate budget cuts to kick in across the board.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that if the federal government were to become self-destructive, it would be the right of the American people to alter it. In Article V of the Constitution our founders preserved that right by empowering the states, as those that originally established the federal government, to bypass and reform it by convening an Article V Convention, which permits the states to amend the Constitution.

Participants in the UCF Article V Convention Conference will decide whether to recommend this course of action to the state legislature after discussing the financial policies of our government. If the Article V Convention is recommended, a constitutional amendment will be proposed which would:

Implement major economic reforms, and optionally, empower the state governors and legislatures with the right to veto and enact federal legislation.

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